“New Yorkers have a duty to bet against Gronk” on Super Bowl Sunday

Rob Gronkowski Sprays New Yorkers With Water During a Super Bowl Event.

New Yorkers will have the chance to bet against Gronk making a 25-yard field goal during Super Bowl 58.Mark Peterman/Invision/AP

Hi Mac,

As a born-and-raised New Yorker, one of my favorite pastimes is hating Rob Gronkowski. I know he’s from Buffalo or whatever. Don’t care. I hated Gronk on the Patriots. Hated him on the Bucs. Still hate him now that he’s retired. And I’ve loved every second of it.

The reason I bring this up is because I saw a commercial this morning about some Super Bowl promo where you can get a free bet on whether Gronkowski makes a 25-yard field goal during halftime on Sunday. I think there’s a prize if you get it right. But I don’t care about the prize.

What I care about is my duty as a New Yorker. Which is to bet against Gronk. I don’t care what he’s doing. If it’s possible, I’m betting against him. I’ll even take that a step further. I believe all New Yorkers have a duty to bet against Gronk. Why? Because New Yorkers know right from wrong.

I just need you to tell me how to sign up.


My reply

Hey Vince,

Can’t thank you enough for contacting me about this critical issue. I didn’t move to New York until 2017, but even if I’d never left California, I’d understand where you’re coming from. I mean, just look at this guy.

Rob Gronkowski Makes A Funny Face At Red Carpet Event.

Rob Gronkowski arrives at Gronk Beach music festival during Super Bowl week.Mark Peterman/Invision/AP

Now to brass tacks. The good news is that as a New Yorker, you don’t just know right from wrong; you’re eligible to apply that knowledge to FanDuel’s Gronk field goal challenge right this moment. This Super Bowl offer is open to both new and existing users. If you win, you’ll get a share of $10 million in bonus bets, although I understand and respect that’s not the point. Here’s what you need to do before Super Bowl Sunday:

How new FanDuel users can bet on the Gronk field goal

If you don’t have a FanDuel account, use this link to sign up. It will bring you to a page displaying FanDuel’s $200 welcome offer. From there, create an account. You’ll need to deposit $10 and confirm you’re of legal age, but you won’t have to use your own money to make the Gronk field goal pick. Enroll for the Kick of Destiny 2 under FanDuel’s “Promotions” tab after you’re logged in. You can see what I mean in the screenshot at the bottom of this article.

One more note for new FanDuel users: There’s a $200 welcome bonus up for grabs

In the process of creating your FanDuel account, you’ll have inadvertently almost claimed FanDuel’s $200 welcome bonus. All that’s left is to win your first $5 bet. That bet can be made on anything, even shoe-ins like the Pistons losing to...anyone. Seeing as $10 will already be sitting in your account and that you only have 7 days to unlock the bonus, it would take a Gronk-level IQ not to win that $5 bet for a 20:1 payout. I’ll also toss out that we make a commission when you use our links to create FanDuel accounts. But we only get paid if you make an actual $5 bet, rather than just the Gronk field goal pick. Keep it in mind!

How existing FanDuel users can bet on the Gronk field goal

If you already have a FanDuel account, this should take about two minutes. Just log into FanDuel Sportsbook (this link will take you there), then opt into the Kick of Destiny 2 by clicking the “Promotions” tab on FanDuel’s app or website. Pick Gronk to miss the kick. Boom. You’re done.

Parting thoughts

You know what you need to do, New Yorkers. Now you know how. Get your Gronk Super Bowl field goal picks in before Sunday, and send me your Super Bowl betting questions so I can respond when there’s still time to act.

The Rob Gronkowski Field Goal Promo on FanDuel Sportsbook's Website.

Here's what it looks like to opt in to the Kick of Destiny 2 Gronkowski field goal deal on FanDuel. Make your field goal bet before Super Bowl Sunday!FanDuel Sportsbook


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