Miss Manners: Maintaining composure in uncomfortable situations

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: My husband called from work to say he was bringing home a dinner guest -- a fellow worker from out of town. I prepared a lovely dinner, had the kids go to a friend’s house and dressed nicely for the occasion.

I served the food, then sat down and took a portion, all while making small talk with our guest. Said guest looked at my plate and said, “Do you really think you should eat that much? Look at the size of you.”

I have never been so taken aback in my life. I just sat silently eating my meal. I didn’t reply, but neither did my husband say a word in my defense or tell him he was out of line.

Later I thought about it, and I think that it was all a plot on my husband’s part because I had put on a few pounds and he didn’t know how to approach the matter himself.

I never brought it up again. What should I have done in this situation?

GENTLE READER: Citing the expression “I will not be insulted in my own home” comes to Miss Manners’ mind -- and it goes for your husband, too.

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