Syracuse football’s spring game could look different under Fran Brown: ‘You want to see hitting?’

New Syracuse head football coach Fran Brown. Brown was introduced

New Syracuse head football coach Fran Brown. Brown was introduced to the fans and media Dec. 4, 2023. Dennis Nett |

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Syracuse, N.Y. -- Syracuse football coach Fran Brown indicated that the team’s spring game will have a more serious approach during his first year, a departure from previous seasons under Scott Shafer and Dino Babers when it often took on the vibe of a public practice.

“You want to see contact? You want to see people hitting? You want to see touchdowns, interceptions, sacks, things of that nature? We’re going to play football,” Brown said about the spring game on ESPN Radio Syracuse. “We’re going to compete. Guys are competing for jobs. ... No one’s penciled in. We just had only six guys get their number. You have to earn your number here. It’s all work. There’s no entitlement. We’re trying to eliminate entitlement so that everything you get in life is earned. How do you win a national championship? Work. How do you become a millionaire? Work.”

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